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Welcome to ice swimming


  • Winter Swimming Center Joensuu Polar Bears is open all year round.

Opening hours

  • September-May every day from 10 to 23, except on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 06-23.
  • June-August every day from 14 to 23, except on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 23. Dressing rooms are open every day from 10 a.m.
  • "Tulinen tuokio" ("Fiery moment") is four times a week; on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between 22.30 - 23. During that last half an hour (sauna is open until 23) there are no limitations for steam, however any competition or teasing is forbidden.


  • Riitta Sarola is available on weekdays from 10 to 12, except on Wednesdays from 14 to 18

Location and contact

  • Mailing address: Joensuu Polar Bears Association, Mäntyniementie 1, 80220 Joensuu
  • Map Links: Joensuu map service, Fonecta, Google Maps
  • Chairman Jarno Linnolahti, tel. 045 78 45 1989 or puheenjohtaja at joensuunjaakarhut.fi
  • Caretaker Riitta Sarola, tel. 045 7845 1992 or talonmies at joensuunjaakarhut.fi

How to get there

  • Bus no. 3 route is Kytö-Noljakka-Joensuu center-Penttilä-Vehkalahti. The closest stop to Winter Swimming Center is Jo1147 (incoming) / Jo1148 (outgoing).
  • Schedules and route maps from Joensuu Regional Public Transport
  • Car park in the yard - 20 parking places

Instructions for visitors

  • Alcohol is forbidden in the area - always swim and use sauna sober
  • Buy wristband in advance
  • Uni-sex sauna - you must wear swimming suit in sauna and while swimming
  • Visiting fee is € 6. Wristband vending machine is coin and phone operated, please see instructions from FB .
    The wristband is valid  for single entry.


  • There is no shower or other washing facilities in the sauna building


  • showers are located in the dressing rooms inside the main house
  • for hot water you need to put in coins, 1 €/2 minutes


  • From time to time the sauna can be very full and therefore larger groups (over 15 people) need to inform the caretaker in advance
  • In general, rush-hours are in the evening between 18-21

How to become a member

  • Fill out the membership form online (in Finnish only). The form opens in its own window. Mandatory information is marked in red. Or,
  • fill out the form at the Polar Bears center
  • The membership fee invoice shall be sent either by e-mail or mail
  • You can collect your membership badge from the caretaker or from the members of the Board. Take the receipt of the payment with you.
  • You must have the membership badge sewn on your swimming suit on a visible place (not on a strap, hat or belt).
  • You must always have a valid membership badge on your swimming suit or a guest wristband on your wrist when swimming and/or using the sauna or other facilities.

Fee of a new member

  • Joining fee € 30, students 0 €
  • Membership fee for the first year is determined according to the month of joinining
    • when joining in January-May, the membership fee is 95 €
    • June-August, the membership fee is 75 €
    • September-October, the membership fee is 55 €
    • November-December, membership fee is 45 €

Conference and banqueting facilities for rent

Bear hall

  • The first two hours of a total of € 90 (Friday-Sunday and holidays € 140)
  • The following hour á 22 €
  • The rental price includes the use of tableware

The whole Center

  • The minimum rental fee € 800 (max 6 hours), following hours at € 60
  • The rental price includes: the use of tableware, sauna, showers, hot water

Making your reservation

  • The leasing of premises link
  • Free days are visible in white and reservations are displayed color-coded.
  • Click a calendar day and fill out the form
  • Booking confirmation will be sent to your email address

Showing the premises, key handovers and returns

  • Caretaker Riitta Sarola (tel. 045 78 45 1992 or talonmies at joensuunjaakarhut.fi)
  • Secretary Pirjo Nevalainen (tel. 045 78 45 1990 or sihteeri at joensuunjaakarhut.fi)
  • The key can be left on the table in the Karhu-hall


  • Place must be cleaned and left in the same condition as it was before your event
  • The tenant is responsible for taking the rubbish to the waste bin located in a small shelter outside
  • In case extra cleaning is needed the Polar Bears Association is entitled to charge the client according to the price list
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