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Welcome to ice swimming

Please observe the opening hours during summer: June-September every day from 14 to 23, except on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 23. Dressing rooms are open every day from 10 a.m.


Winter Swimming Center Joensuu Polar Bears is open all year round.

Opening hours

  • October-May every day from 10 to 23, except on Wednesdays at 06-23.
  • June-September every day from 14 to 23, except on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 23. Dressing rooms are open every day from 10 a.m.
  • "Tulinen tuokio" ("Fiery moment") is four times a week; on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between 22.30 - 23. During that last half an hour (sauna is open until 23) there are no limitations for steam, however any competition or teasing is forbidden.


  • Riitta Sarola is available on weekdays from 10 to 12, except on Wednesdays from 14 to 18

Location and contact

  • Mailing address: Joensuu Polar Bears Association, Mäntyniementie 1, 80220 Joensuu
  • Map Links: Joensuu map service, Fonecta, Google Maps
  • Chairman Jarno Linnolahti, tel. 045 78 45 1989 or puheenjohtaja at joensuunjaakarhut.fi
  • Caretaker Riitta Sarola, tel. 045 7845 1992 or talonmies at joensuunjaakarhut.fi

How to get there

  • Bus no. 3 route is Kytö-Noljakka-Joensuu center-Penttilä-Vehkalahti. The closest stop to Winter Swimming Center is Jo1147 (incoming) / Jo1148 (outgoing).
  • Schedules and route maps from Joensuu Regional Public Transport
  • Car park in the yard - 20 parking places

Instructions for visitors

  • Alcohol is forbidden in the area - always swim and use sauna sober
  • Buy wristband in advance
  • Uni-sex sauna - you must wear swimming suit in sauna and while swimming
  • Visiting fee is € 5 (wristband vending machine is coin operated)


  • There is no shower or other washing facilities in the sauna building


  • showers are located in the dressing rooms inside the main house
  • for hot water you need to put in coins, 1 €/2 minutes


  • From time to time the sauna can be very full and therefore larger groups (over 15 people) need to inform the caretaker in advance
  • In general, rush-hours are in the evening between 18-21

How to become a member

  • Fill out the membership form online. The form opens in its own window. Mandatory information is marked in red. Or,
  • fill out the form at the Polar Bears center
  • The membership fee invoice shall be sent either by e-mail or mail
  • You can collect your membership badge from the caretaker or from the members of the Board. Take the receipt of the payment with you.
  • You must have the membership badge sewn on your swimming suit on a visible place (not on a strap, hat or belt).
  • You must always have a valid membership badge on your swimming suit or a guest wristband on your wrist when swimming and/or using the sauna or other facilities.

Fee of a new member

  • Joining fee € 30, students 0 €
  • Membership fee for the first year is determined according to the month of joinining
    • when joining in January-April, the membership fee is 95 €
    • starting from May, the membership fee will be reduced 10 € / month until the end of the year (May 85 €, June 75 €... December 15 €)

Conference and banqueting facilities for rent

Bear hall

  • The first two hours of a total of € 90 (minimum rent)
  • The following hour á 22 €
  • The rental price includes the use of tableware

The whole Center

  • The minimum rental fee € 650 (max 6 hours), following hours at € 60
  • The rental price includes: the use of tableware, sauna, showers, hot water

Making your reservation

  • The leasing of premises link
  • Free days are visible in white and reservations are displayed color-coded.
  • Click a calendar day and fill out the form
  • Booking confirmation will be sent to your email address

Showing the premises, key handovers and returns

  • Caretaker Riitta Sarola (tel. 045 78 45 1992 or talonmies at joensuunjaakarhut.fi)
  • Secretary Pirjo Nevalainen (tel. 045 78 45 1990 or sihteeri at joensuunjaakarhut.fi)
  • The key can be left on the table in the Karhu-hall


  • Place must be cleaned and left in the same condition as it was before your event
  • The tenant is responsible for taking the rubbish to the waste bin located in a small shelter outside
  • In case extra cleaning is needed the Polar Bears Association is entitled to charge the client according to the price list
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